Surin House Builder

Time Scale for building a house.

Every house we have built so far are different, this is one of the advantages of choosing your own style and design of house. Every client has different need s and requirements for there home , we always do our up most to help the client with the design, layout and style if needed.

Here is a rough guide to how long it takes our company to build houses of different sizes.
100 sqm - two to three months.
150 sqm - three to four months.
200 sqm - four  to five months.
300 sqm - five to six months.
400 sqm - six months.
500 to 700 sqm - six to seven months.
This is a good guide to the time scale we would like you to allow to build your home.

We do not like to rush build any home!

However we have a very positive approach to every house we build and we always put a time limit in our contract.