Surin House Builder

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do I have to supply my own plans?

No we can help you design your house and also make you a full set of plans with all building regulations and requirements.
With the total cost of my house, what is included?

The fixed price we agree on will give you everything that we detail and list in the plan and contract. This differs for every client. Alterations e.g. Extras, are quoted for before we start work on building the house.
Do you offer a guarantee on the construction of my house in Thailand?

We guarantee to carry out the work to the highest of standards and to the specification of the architect and the engineer. We also give a 2 year warranty covering any teething problems e.g. Plumbing, Electrical and roof leakage etc.
How long does it take to build a full house here in Thailand?

This of course depends on the size, but between 3 and 6 months.
Do you do house repairs or just build full houses?

We mainly only build full houses unless the small repairs are near our home town of Surin, or local to where we are building a house in Thailand.
Why do you think it’s better to use your company rather than a Thai building company?

We give a fixed price with detail, in English of course and we stick to it.
65% of the houses we build are built while the client is overseas working. We supply weekly pictures of the project and daily e-mails of what’s happening.

Our Slogan: Alan the builder you can talk to, you really can talk to me, explain what you want and that is exactly what you will get.
We supply everything the client needs, house plans, registration, electric meter, water meter, the lot. The client has to do nothing.
Our work is of a very high standard nothing less will do. All my contractors and workers are highly skilled, and they know they are working for a high spec company. My no.1 Foreman used to build hotels in Bangkok he knows about high spec and regulations.
We price against Thai building contractors all the time, yet we are always busy! Non stop.

Our aim is to provide the house exactly how you want it with no stress. There are a few reasons why our company is very successful, maybe we could post a topic about all the Nightmares people have had whilst building there houses hear in Thailand, I am more than sure it would be a very long thread.
How much will it cost me to build a house in Thailand?

This depends on many things size, fixtures, kitchen, flooring, and roofing; and so on no house is the same price.
Where in Thailand do you build houses?

Basically we build anywhere in the land of smiles.
Do I have to be in Thailand while you build the house?

Not at all, we have built lots of houses while the client is out of the country. We send weekly pictures of the progress by e-mail, and if we are unsure of anything to do with your build, we can contact you or your wife by phone.
Do I have to pay in full for the house?

No we do a stage break down contract normally of 3 main payments with 1 retaining payment at the end after the client is 100% happy and pleased with the construction and finish of the house.